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Only ~50 servers showing per gametype

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    Only ~50 servers showing per gametype

    I'm pretty sure that I am not seeing all of the servers posted on the server list. With pure filter set to yes, and show empty and full servers, I am still only seeing roughly 50 servers per gametype, and only about 3 servers with people playing per gametype.

    I've been able to increase this number from ~25 by updating my NIC drivers and router firmware, but the server list I am getting is still pretty modest.

    I had a problem previously with ETQW very similar to this, they blamed it on routers but their 1.2 patch seemed to address the issue well.

    Hmm I'm seeing this as well but thought its normal. Around 500 servers total is what I counted for all gametypes and roughly 50 per gametype.
    Anyone got different numbers?