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Missing CDKEY with Collectors Eddition

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    Missing CDKEY with Collectors Eddition

    I almost feel stupid, but for the life of me, i can not find my CDKEY
    I looked everywhere on all cd covers, on the inside of the Tin, but its nowheres to be found.

    Where is it supposed to be and is it possible i got one without a key ?

    It is on the Manual in the box. Look at the back of it. Enjoy!


      I don't have the full version yet so I don't know where it's located but most games have the key on the back of the manual. But I'm sure you've looked there, right?


        Then i do have a problem, my box didn't have a manual.

        Im going back to Electronic Boutique tomorrow, with any luck, they can do something for me


          No manual.. WOW. That's special. Deffinatly go back tommrow and get that checked out. Don't forget your reciept .


            I have the CE edition, and my CD key was on one of the CD envelopes - on a sticker.

            Check them again.



              I purchased my Canadian copy today. Its not a collectors edition.

              My package contents included, Registration Card, UT3 Game DVD, and CD-ROM containing a scanned english/french cd-rom pdf manual. I looked through the pdf version and the code is not in there.

              Also, the CD manual included the envelope, but there is no CD key sticker anywhere.

              BOOOOURNS, i hope i didn't get ripped off.

              I must exchange for another copy!


                Its on the game's manual, on the back, at the bottom. Where it says "Get Exclusive Midway Extras!" in caps. Its right below your "Game access code"

                Thats where it is for the collectors edition anyway.


                  yes, in my pdf i see THE EMPTY BLACK SPACE where the cd-key SHOULD be.

                  Right below the "game access code"....which is there....

                  more booo-urns


                    I have successfully exchanged for a new copy and the CDKEY was and the sticker on the CD sleeve.

                    Its strange how my initial copy had the exact same CD envelope but no sticker (not even any sign of tampering)

                    None the less, I am satisfied.