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Connection PROBLEMS?@?@?@?

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    Connection PROBLEMS?@?@?@?

    Hi Fooks,

    here'a message from the Nutz man ( i am as some fooks will know) a die hard fan of the UT series... So i couldnt wait for UT 3

    I pop it in, install the game, forward the 7777 port and....

    I CANT JOIN ANY GAME?????????? Whats this Epic/Midway This is the first release i see from you guys with many many faults in it....

    Please someone help me: i did portforwarding
    NAT settings are ok, i created INGAME profile on Gamespy... I can log in,
    see other games, but once i klick or use join button nothing happens.....
    (i can hear a crowd cheering BOEE....> hmm whas that thoughtfull insight maybe?) PLEASE HELP BADNUTZ PLAY HIS ALL TIME NUMBER ONE GAME....I am getting behind cause of this and before i forget> the DEMO worked fine on the same system///////<<<><><><