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Question to Developers, please pay attention!

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    Question to Developers, please pay attention!

    I hope that the game developers will read this message\complaint\questions about the game:

    1)In UT2004 the player had more sounds to use than UT3, for example the player could use "Affirmative, Roger that, *****..." and lot of other sounds, why UT3 only contain the commands(like Attack,defend...) and taunts and not other sound like UT2004 had?

    2)One of the bots parameters that had been announced and integrated into UT3, is the ability to "ask" them non liner question like "Is there a sniper in this cave", the bots will respond "yes", "i can't see one" or just "no", where is it in the full UT3 game?

    3)There is a BUG that bots sometimes say that "we see flag" when they spot enemy flag carrier, rather than say "Enemy flag carries spotted" or "We see the enemy flag carrier".

    4)Why there is only 3 advanced graphic options in the game to be adjusted? it's clear that more can be adjusted to achieve better performance or image quality.

    That all of my questions, i hope that the high quality developer will read it!!