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I think the most frustarting thing is the PC's

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    Originally posted by Benfica View Post
    Don't upgrade to the "latest" drivers. That doesn't prevent them from sucking horribly.
    I have very good results with the Nvidia 163.76

    See, on my rig the 163.76 drivers didn't fix the problem of the game crashing for me. But when i install the 169 beta driver, it's all good. Must be the card I'm using...

    My specs are:
    AMD 3800+ (Dual Core)
    1 GB Ram
    8600GTS (256 mb)

    and I run the game smoothly on level 4 graphics settings;
    but on the loading screens, the voice overs stutter a bit. just a minor annoyance, and i've read that its an indication i may need more ram.


      Most people don't understand it only takes one 'weak' component or driver to totally screw an otherwise awesome PC. People will ignore things like chipset drivers, or the NIC, or etc.

      Also people don't realize that not all settings are relevant to all parts of the hardware and framerates they get. That was why I liked the 2k4 options screen, it let you easily tweak off the parts that most affected your weakest parts.

      People should first try instant action and no opponents and just walk around a map to get an idea of a baseline framerate, see if there are parts of a given map that just suck, etc.