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ATI RADEON 9600 Series Issues

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    ATI RADEON 9600 Series Issues

    Ok before I say anything there better not be any idiots coming here to just replay get a new video card.

    The minimum requirements for the game states a ATI RADEON 9600 series video card. I have a 9600XT 128MB so it is meeting the requirement.

    There is just a slight issue with the game which was present in the Beta Demo where the game would lock up the video card and after 3 times of the VPU recovering the whole PC would just crash or go into reduced power mode where you cannot use any direct rendering anymore until you restart.

    The issue is from FloatingPointRenderTargets=True under [SystemSettings] in the UTEngine.ini. If I set it to False the game plays fine with no lockups.

    There just seems to be a huge disadvantage to setting that entry to false. There are many graphical glitches which can be quite annoying as the screenshots below show.

    Flak cannon alt fire

    Redeemer is missing the explosion ring

    No water surfaces

    I can also report that this issue is in Gears of War aswell since I had to set it to false but the games minimum requirements are higher than my card and setting the entry to false appears to not affect the graphics as it does in UT3.

    I was wondering if Epic acknowledges this issue and is possibly working on the issue since I will be suck with this card for a month longer. Plus I am sure there are many other people out there which use the same card since the topic in the Beta Demo forum had many people with the same card. I want to play with FloatingPointRenderTargets set to true so I do not have to deal with the graphical glitches which occur when it is off.

    Bump. I want to make sure Epic sees this.


      You're using the bare minimum card, there's going to be some issues since it is always going to be maxed out & struggling to play the game...