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Get the most out of my CPU?

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    Get the most out of my CPU?

    After a few hours of playing this game I've noticed my CPU is a huge bottleneck on my GPU, and the rest of my system.

    AMD X2 4200+ @ stock speeds (2.4Ghz)
    2GB RAM

    My CPU hits a wall at the 8+ player mark. Anything less than that and it's 60FPS constantly.

    This starts to hurt a lot when you hit 16-32, as I struggle to hold low-twenties FPS.

    I've been killing a lot of processes (including explorer) when running UT3, as well as using a clean boot to play. Anyone have any other tips for squeezing as much as possible out of my crappy CPU? Or perhaps an overclocking guide.. I've heard you can push this thing to 2.8 on stock cooling, which would help a lot.

    Waiting until next summer to get an Intel CPU, but until then..

    Google is your friend for overclocking.
    And yes, it is bottlenecking you considering the GPU you have lol...