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Seemingly Random Shutdowns

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    this is a turely unstable game atm i wonder what is going on.


      Game crashin as well

      Ive got a month old Alienware Aurora 7500, all drivers up-to-date. I've bought the game recently and I'm also having problems with the game crashing during gameplay. From what I've read on other forums some of the issues come from the openAL sound card option in "Audio" tab. Ive got 2X Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX on SLI. The forceware Version installed is 169 (BETA [Because of TimeShift]). Im positive its not a video issue. I don't have a sound card on my pc. There's not much I can do about the sound on my system so I have no idea what to do to fix the crashing issue...
      Any other suggestions besides waiting on a patch from EpiC?


        Im Sure UT3 Uses Its Own Intagreted OpenAL But Just To Try You Could

        Download The Latest OpenAL This Will Update The OpenAL Files Located Under Windows\System32 ( Do NOT Know If This Is Also For Vista )

        Link Below

        Click On The oalinst.exe Under Attachments To Download

        ( If You Someone Still Waiting For UT3 And Your Playing UT2004 You'll Notice The Sound Will Be Way Sharper With This Installed And If You Turned Off System Driver Under Audio )


          Yeah, I'm having the same ****. I blame it on the console-similarities.


            Originally posted by NoSoulX View Post
            I for one am using a integrated sound chip model AD1888. This apparently causes some trouble with the EAX and sound engine that has been implemented on your newest games (UT3 and Gears of War). Definite slowdowns are removed when the audio is disabled entirely through Windows.

            When audio is activated, the game sounds start to stutter and may stop for a while and then start again running. Reason maybe for this is that the audio chip becomes overloaded or the data processed through it is garbage.

            Either way. I would like to point out this as a fix that should be implemented on patch.
            try disabling sound?