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    Game Doesn't Play?

    Ok, so i installed my Unreal Tournament 3 on my linux in virtualbox windows xp (because, let's face it, windows sucks in reality), and everything went smoothly. I restarted my computer, theres the icon, perfect, right? Well i click on it, the screen comes up in the middle of my computer, and just sits there, with the unreal tournament 3 logoish type thing just being there. Eventually it gives me an error report that says it has encountered an error, and sorry for the inconvenience. It asks me to send an error report, hah, yah right.
    But anything would be helpful at this point. Thanks peeps.

    Come on people, there have been like 48 views and not one person knows the answer?


      i know this is an old thread but id just like to say that i have the same problem- i think the simple answer is our computers can't handle the game.
      i have a tecra a6-176 notebook- specs below follow link

      [URL=" ie=yes&PRODUCT_ID=121994&BV_Script=/jsp/fixup/productPage"

      I believe its to do with the graphics card.

      If anyone can help and say what i need to buy/update to get the game working it would be much appreciated.