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Intermittent Freezes? *UDPATE 8: Solution: Use Nvidia Beta Driver 169.28*

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    Originally posted by sHoTDoGGed View Post
    Am i the only person that can't get rid of the problem? Sol #7 has worked for me but only for a few days, then i get random freezes again. It's really strange. This will be something like my 8th reinstallation of the 163.75 drivers and i know it will be fine for at least two more days. But inevitably it will be back. Very odd idd.

    no your not the only one, I have done it all to... I really believe this is a game problem, not a driver problem but I am no wiz at this stuff.

    I am Still getting freezing with the 169.25....


      Yeap. Same Here. I have tried 169.25 with 8800GT in SLI and have really bad hitching problems still. I hope this gets fixed soon in ethier nvidia driver patch or in unreal engine 3.

      WarTurist any updates from EPIC / Nividia if this issue is still being worked?
      I did not see it mentioned in the 169.25 as an open issue / bug with Nvidia Driver Release Notes.


        Turn off SLI, or set it to AFR2. Failing that look in my tweaks thread in my sig and see if any of those things apply to you, from using the -onethread option to setting affinity to one core, etc.


          Thanks for all your help Ultron, but I am really getting burned out on trying to tweak this and adjust that, I dont get it, I think some one from epic needs to resolve this in a patch, we paid them for the game they should be fixing it, I cant spend 2 to 3 hours a day trying to get a game to run right. Things just should not be that way.

          sry for the vent but I am getting........


            I am over this. I have had the game since November 24 and have not once ever successfully started a game. It's not my system, everything else works fine and I often stress my gear with loads way beyond what UT3 would be throwing at it.

            I just installed the latest patch (1.1 official) and it was running smooth in the settings menu, then when I LOWERED some of the detail settings, it said "you may have to restart for some changes to take effect" and then it crashed.

            Then when I launched it again, it was back to the same old 'freeze up during the splash screens and then crash to the desktop' routine. It's nonsense, and I have waited long enough for Epic to address the issues and provide a proper fix.

            Look at all of the problems in this thread... look at how people are tying themselves into knots just trying to make this one piece of code run properly on their otherwise functional systems.

            This game is going back to the store, and I am getting a refund. There is more than enough evidence in this forum to support returning this product as defective.

            I love the UT series but I have had enough of this. Good luck to the rest of you.




              Windows XP SP2, 4 GB (3.5GB) RAM interleaved
              Video card: Asus EN8600GTS (Nvidia 8600 GTS), ForceWare 169.21
              Processor: Intel quad core 2.4ghz
              Motherboard: Gigabyte P35C-DS3R
              Sound: Integrated Realtek (latest drivers)

              Post-install, UT3 would stutter and stall every few seconds. Completely unplayable.

              I have followed steps outlined in this thread and others to completely remove graphics and sound drivers. I have, within windows safe mode, uninstalled drivers, rebooted, run driver cleaner, run driver sweeper, rebooted, run sweeper/cleaner a second time, etc. I have tried several versions of Nvidia drivers as well as Realtek drivers.

              The best I am seeing is on a FRESH boot, without running any other programs, I can launch UT3 and play for hours.

              Attempting to Alt+tab or exiting the game and launching the game again both result in stutters and stalling from that point forward.

              I am convinced this is not a problem with the drivers, but with how Epic is making use of them. I am very disappointed to see UT3 in such a state of suck. The last couple Unreal games passed me by unnoticed but I was really hoping I'd enjoy this one.

              It's quite apparent, both from these threads and from the players who HAVEN'T MADE IT ONTO ANY SERVERS that MANY PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING FROM THESE STUTTERING AND STALLING PROBLEMS.

              Please Epic. Take some F'n responsibility. I would rather have my $50 back than have to reboot my computer every time I want to play a game.

              Yours truly



                Ultron, Thanks for the feedback but the hitching issue occurs with SLI disabled as well. This is an ongoing 8800 GT issue with ethier Nvidia Drivers and Unreal Engine 3.

                I would like to too if anyone with the new 512 8800 GTS cards are having this issue as well or if its 8800 GT only.


                  I have the 8800 gts 320s, same stuff happening as well


                    I'm going to have to say that it's a driver issue on the 8xxx series of cards.
                    The 163.75 drivers had NO hitching issues at all. Framerate was a little slow and the world flickering problem was in full force with those.
                    169.21 drivers eliminated the world flickering problem (thank you!) but the whole 169.xx set has the hitching issues.

                    Uninstal Nvidia drivers and run Driver Sweeper in safe mode then reinstall drivers?
                    Done that many times.

                    UTEngine.ini tweaking?
                    Yep did that too.

                    Running the 169.25 drivers on a Geforce 8600 GT


                      Just to confirm: the new 8800GTS 512MB with stock drivers (169.06 I believe) shows the same symptoms.


                        Never had any freezing problems with my 7600GT... Just upgraded to an 8800GT and I get the 5-10 second freezes. Only seems to hit me in online play though. Tried cleaning out drivers as suggested, no good. have also tried a few ini tweaks .
                        I do find that lower settings results in shorter freezes, but hey, i just put in a new gpu, i want full settings!


                          join the club...


                            It doesn't matter whether I'm on the 163.75 or 169.21 Nvidia drivers.

                            The first time I launch the game after a fresh boot everything will play fine.

                            If I alt+tab out, the game locks up.

                            If I exit the game and start it back up, it stalls at the menu screen (no options clicked) every 1-2 seconds for a period of 5-10 seconds. There's no reason to even try to get on a server when the game menu is locking up.

                            Disabling onboard realtek at bios level has no effect.

                            EPIC what is being done about this?


                              Man, Vista!!! WTF!?

                              I recently put together a new build(my 1st) just for this game.

                              Nvidia 680i SLI
                              Intel Q6600 2.4 gHz
                              BFG 8800 GT OC
                              4 G's RAM by OCZ
                              PhysX Card by Ageia

                              and to top it off, I choose Windows Vista 64-bit Ultimate as my OS

                              What a f'ing nightmare: hardware that doesn't have driver support software out or even being created yet, had to rewire my house to what I'd planned to do WiFi to get direct line to my new PC, internet connection still goes on and off without any forseeable cause or reason, I can view the internet, but not Myspace(!?) or it shuts off!? WTF!!!?


                              UT3, what I made this build for, freezes fairly frequently and at very random times, the menu will also randomly become unresponsive, I can tab to highlight different menu options but neither the mouse nor the ENTER button respond!!

                              I don't know who's side this problem falls on? Epic or, my guess, Bill Gates but somebody needs to get their *** moving on this one.


                                I have the same issues Dirk has... Totally different machine. I had to go to nVidia driver 169.25 to get rid of the flashing world issues but still have the intermittent lockup and dump to the desktop. Occassionally, it will dump me to the BSOD and write the core dump info.