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    Will it run?

    Here's my current system specs. Please, don't laugh. I'm a poor college dropout looking for work.

    Athlon XP 2200+
    512MB DDR400
    GeForce 2 MX
    Gentoo Linux 2007.0

    I ordered a GeForce 6200 as a stopgap solution to give this system the GPU instructions necessary to get the game to boot at all. I do realize that I'm going to have to turn quality settings all the way down and then some to get UT3 running anywhere above 10fps on this system, but that's just fine for now. (Hell, UT2004 looks like utter **** on this GeForce 2, I'm not going to be picky.) The point here is to give me the ability to practice the new game and keep up to speed with the rest of the community, and then when I have the money I'll build a new system and enjoy the game in all of its glory. Just a few possible snags:

    * Athlon XPs don't have SSE2. Is SSE2 (or any other newer instructions) a requirement?
    * The 2200+ actually runs at 1.8Ghz. Technically, to meet the minimum system requirements, I need to overclock my CPU by 200Mhz. Should I bother? (I just did some calculations and figured out I'd only need to raise my FSB by 33Mhz, to ~300Mhz, to get the needed 2Ghz. My CPU is way-way-way overcooled already, and my motherboard is factory-rated for FSB speeds up to 333Mhz, so minimal risk, assuming I don't screw up while unlocking the processor.)
    * And yeah, when are those Linux binaries coming out anyway? Has a date been set at all? I'm not buying the game until reported working Linux binaries appear.

    Your Joking Right Dude ? LOL

    i have

    - 3800+ @ 2.4 Ghz
    -1GB Ram
    -8800GTS 320

    and the Game does not work to Well

    i had 2200+ and i could not even Run Doom 3 well and Geforce 2 MX 200 or 400

    what planet are you from JK! LOL man Geforce 2 MX 200 or 400 1998 ? even 6200 oc will not work


      I wouldn't waste your time overclocking.. just pick up a used ut2004, and tinker with that till you can afford a better system.

      Base dual core systems can be had for less then $500... maybe santa will be good to you?


        I hate to tell you, but you will have problems running UT2k4, much less UT3. Consider getting the Unreal Anthology for $20 and play what you can until you get a better system. By that time you should be all ready to play UT3.


          * The 2200+ actually runs at 1.8Ghz. Technically, to meet the minimum system requirements, I need to overclock my CPU by 200Mhz.

          See the threads in my sig below. Lot's of people are having problems with much more powerful rigs than yours. That should answer your first question.


          Min Sys requirements are always overstated from companies. That means lowest settings on everything, the luck of a leprechaun, and an industrial fan sitting next to your cpu to cool things down!

          Stick with 04 for now. Up your mem to at least 1 gig if not 2. Then get a better video card. Doesn't have to be the best. But one better than you have.

          Buy a new pc for UT3. Have lots of keg parties and charge $5 a cup. worked for me in college. Except I spent all the money on more keg parties and not a new pc