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[BUG] Fullversion

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    [BUG] Fullversion

    when u load your last 3 rockets into ur rocketlauncher and u do not release your alt fire key ... the rocket launcher wont fire those..... u have to release the key in order to make the weapon fire

    the last 3 rockets u load into your rocketlauncher r gone... it will automaticaly switch u to another weapon.....

    heres another bug found.. Necris voice packs are not complete. The would say "enemy flag carrier" then "red base" with an Iron guard voice pack


      No copypaste in console posible

      sometimes my charakter goes figne death whitout a reason.

      i often get stuck in evevators for example on deck

      my crosshair became red even when i didnt hit the enemy

      no favorite menu LOL

      no possiblity to customize the crosshair

      cant bind the tab key


        Looks like you cannot connect to any server which was not created by professional server hosts. I couldn't connect to any server in the Campaign section or to servers created by players in the other gametypes. I am not behind a router not sure about the servers, though.

        Edit: is there a way to prevent UT3 from overwriting the launch.log. Can it create a new log with every start?