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Can't use my GamespyID

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    Can't use my GamespyID


    first the problem: actually the gamespy ID is your ingame nick, which is looking ugly if your name of your temporary account is someabbrevationwithnumbers12987.

    Why "temporary" accound?
    I "own" the GamespyID with my "real" already and I can loggin at the gamespyID page - so I have the correct password - but I can't loggin into the game. It always tells me "wrong password". I can't either create an account with the same name, it obviously already exists.

    So, what's next?
    I read a few threads from people who had similar problems and decided to conact the Gamespy support. I just got an answer vom the Gamespy support and they are stating, that this is definetely not a gamespy problem and I have to contact the game supplier.

    So, could you give me some hints/updates about this please? Is there a tweak or maybe a workaround I'm missing?