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The 'White Wall'

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    The 'White Wall'

    Today i was finally able to play ut
    I was really looking foreward to it, but as i started the first campaign i had to recognize, that my game doesnt work how i wanted it to do....

    there was a BIG white wall that limited my field of vision to , hmm i guess 10 meters.

    i tried everything with the video details... i changed my resolution and so on...
    but nothing works....

    so i hope u can help me with my problem

    Asus Notebook
    Ati Radeon X1600 mobile 256 MB
    Intel D 1.73 GHz
    1 GB ddr2

    This very much looks like your videocard is outdated (mobile version )
    Or your videodrivers, which is always a mess with notebooks.


      hmmmmmm the videodriver is hmmm i think 1 year old.
      and i cant install a new version, dont know why, it always says, that i need special driver -.-

      but i could play all the new games on it
      (e.g. Bioshock)
      and had never problems before ...

      ut cann be played on the highes resolution and the best videosettings...

      just this wall...

      another thing is, that this wall is only in the campaign
      i started a quickfight on other maps

      NO wall ?!


        Yea you need a special version of the driver for the notebook... also -- a driver 1 year old will DEFINITELY NOT RUN UT3 without some glitches.


        Another thing -- it could be just overheating... mine does that (7900GT)... shut down... leave cool by a fan for 30seconds-1 minute, boot and it usually works fine.

        Remember, ATI drivers do NOT work on Notebooks, you need the driver from ASUS.


          And thus another downside to notebook gaming, driver support is lacking and you have cooling problems.

          This obviously doesn't help you much, but the best thing you could try is find a newer driver, if not from ASUS I'm sure there's some 3rd party stuff out there.


            yeah got the same problem with my Acer 5100 Notebook

            AMD 64 Turion
            ATI 1300 Mobility
            Windows XP

            installed the latest driver of AMD but i still have got the White Wall,
            and as Alexis Notebook do not allow him to install the latest ATI Driver, its the same for me, so how can i solve with problem?


              Try disabling depth of field/ setting the detail settings to 1 and see what happens.
              Im guessing the drivers would need updating for the newer "effects". Maybe without the effects enabled, itd run fine.
              I know thats not what you want, but if it works it works.

              And yes, not book drivers are a pain. Hopefully you can find a 3rd party, like someone else mentioned.


                Ok i disabled nothing changed
                and i DONT find any other drivers
                just the one from 2006 -.-
                ahhhh this sucks , but i dont think , that the driver is the problem
                i could play ALL games hl2 cod2 fear bioshock and so on
                another thing:
                in the main menu (in the background) there is alway a view over a map or sth like this
                THERE is also the wall, so i cannot see what is behind xD


                the map defiance works xD

                ok seems like a lot of the team-/deathmatch maps work but not the campaign ...

                EDIT 2 Deimos too


                  same problem => solved with drivers from


                    big thx to elmsfeuer

                    everything works fine and faster

                    NOW I CAN PLAYYY :P