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UED4- Audio Files formats supported?- only .wav?

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    UED4- Audio Files formats supported?- only .wav?

    Hi there!
    I suceeded to import .wav files into a new Unreal Package (.upk) but it's impossible to import compressed audio files. (such as .mp3).
    When importing new file, it's ONLY allowed to import .wav files (also .WAV for multi-channels) for sound files but no .ogg,.mp3 and .xma audio files.
    I had an .ogg file and changed the extension to .wav but it really didn't import. (says it was bad .wav file ...). Same for .mp3 files.
    So i'm wondering, how to import an audio compressed file? And also, which audio files formats can really be imported sucessfully into UED3?

    Note: UED3 = Unreal Editor (of UT3) for those who don't know.

    Nobody tried to import .ogg/.mp3 files into a package?

    I'm also wondering when will the UDN website will be available: (for the Unreal Engine 3.0 section,like at it was done for version 2.5 UDN Website Unreal Engine 2.5 )
    UDN Website - Main Page