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Do we have gravity points in the engine yet?

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  • Do we have gravity points in the engine yet?

    Hi all, it's great to be back to where I consider home after a year or two away. Back in the Unreal universe that is, faced with a cutting edge new game on the long awaited engine. Great also to see a lot of the old timers still kicking about here too. I expect most here probably feel a lot like I do right now so close to the release, waiting for the blank canvas to arrive or anticipating just where this new ride's going to lead. All I know is, it's going to be another hopelessly addictive journey with plenty of unexpected ups and downs along the way. I've also got a feeling this will be the best modded installment by far, the knowledgebase of this community is unparalleled and it's almost too hard to resist customising UT to some extent.

    Ok, to the point of the thread. I used to post any ideas I had up on the INA boards and was lucky enough to see some of the things I hailed for implemented. If there's one thing overall I hoped they'd have added to the engine it was gravity points. These would potentially open the engine up to unheard-of possibilities for mappers and gamers. The ability to walk on ceilings, walls, around spherical maps and spaceship hulks, anywhere and way the mappers imagination could take you. IMO this would be a groundbreaking step forward in FPS gaming (also an excellent way to showcase the engine).

    So, can anyone tell if gravity points are included in the engine now or if not, can anyone think of a way to mod them in? I'd like to know other people's views on gravity points too if you have them.

    Thanks for listening and sorry for the long intro.

    Edit: There's a mod for UT2004 in quite an advanced stage of trying to accomplish the same effects. It also has playable maps made for it but it hasn't been worked on for some time. Find it here: