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Configure weapons select mutator with ballistic weapons?

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    Configure weapons select mutator with ballistic weapons?

    I found what I'm supposed to add to utgame.INI but I don't know what I should do with not a 1:1 ratio of weapons to sawp.

    Say there is 9 default weapons bw has approx 30. So how would I swap 1 default for multiple ballistic weapon versions?

    If you wish to customize the weapons with which you spawn:
    I've just tested it with 27 ballistic weapons loaded at spawn. The stock hud is limited to the original weapon slots, so many weapons file into singular hud icons.

    Weapon pickup, ammo-replenish possibilities:
    With UT3 Editor Know-how, you may open the existing map(s), find the locations where you want the ammo/weapon pickups, and edit the pickup replacer configuration file accordingly to add them all.
    Without editor knowledge you are still able to configure the pickup replacer to replace a few non-ammo/weapon pickups, globally. Replace ammo pickups with 9 additional weapons and/or or replace some power-ups or deployables, for example.
    Unlimited ammo mutators, drop-it-all type mutators, or the xmaspresents mutator may also be handy. -Example: use the random function of the RSW combined with a drop mutator, or not, to allow pawns to build arsenal as they kill, and get new weapons as they respawn)