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Flak Cannon's and Plasma Rifle's kill my fps

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    Flak Cannon's and Plasma Rifle's kill my fps

    I'm playing with BattleRPG v11 invasion.

    When I get about 45 little guys running around shooting up the place. My framerate will drop down to 20fps.

    I have a m7820 gpu, and a intel core 2 quad 2.4 turbo's up to 2.7 (12MB cache). I tried running stand-alone, and then spending 5 hours to host my own server (albeit on the same machine, hey it worked with ut2004). Still having fps problems with those darned flak whores.

    Any ideas.

    I'm going to try hosting on another machine tonight. I'm guessing it must be a gpu setting, but it really seems like the game slows down when it has so much flak to keep track of shooting around.

    apparently reducing the invaders from 50 to 30 resolved my issue.