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Dedicated LAN don't show on Local Game Browser

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    Dedicated LAN don't show on Local Game Browser

    Hi there,

    I'm running a UT3 LAN game using the dedicated package on a server PC that is separate from the gaming PCs,
    here is a line from the start batch file:

    And yes, -lanplay is mentioned towards the end of the batch file.

    Though when in UT3 / Multiplayer / Join LAN Game, nothing shows up, The only way to connect to it is to go into the Join Game (Witch is for Online Play) and then direct IP connect (192.168.x.x)

    I have taken the time to experiment with this a bit, and I have found having ?bIsLanMatch=true will not show in any list, but have that set to false and it will broadcast, to the Internet but still not LAN :/

    I have read that even though it's a LAN match, it still requires Internet to talk back to GameSpy, that's understandable, but what I would like to know is if anyone knows the magical string to enable this to broadcast and show in the Join LAN Game browser, so people don't have to connect to an IP manually on a LAN.


    As I slowly work out the problem, all ports need to be forwarded, that includes all TCP and UDP. I only forwarded on Server OS, not modem, as I didn't want it streaming online (except to communicate with GS)