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What type of specs are needed for a UT3 server?

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    What type of specs are needed for a UT3 server?

    I am considering building a UT3 server for online play. Maybe a 12 player DM server, or a 20 player Greed server. I am fairly familiar with pc components as I built my own since 2000 but I'm unsure of how strong a processor I would need. I currently have 2 i7 920 rigs and am considering upgrading one in the near future. How strong of a machine would I need in order to run either game style?

    Any current hardware will be sufficient for hosting a server or multiple servers, if you so choose.

    As a comparison I have a server running an Intel E3-1240 and 16gb ram, running 24 slots and 6 spec slots, when the server is full, the server does not even blink, ut3 runs as smooth as when 1 person is on the server.

    You need to worry more about Internet Bandwidth load, in the past Epic recommended 150KB/s per player. I watch my download while playing quite a bit because I admin servers and I have never seen my download go above 50KB/s while playing(in real, the real load is no more then 30KB/s but I added the extra). Still stick with the original 150KB/s when choosing your slot limit's, to give the server freedom for load.


      Thanks for the reply

      When I upgrade my rig I'll have a spare i7 920 laying around that I could probably use. I'm still considering getting a system that uses ECC memory :hmm:

      As far as my net connection I think it's rated by as 25mbps download and 24mbps upload.. I'm not sure what that translates to but I think it might be enough for a 20 man Greed or a 12 or more DM server with some spectators.


        You need at least single core 2 GHZ CPU
        At least 1 GB ram for linux server, 2 for windows
        At least 20 GB of storage
        At least 10 mbps connection