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Dedicated Server help behind home router

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    Dedicated Server help behind home router

    So, I can access my WebAdmin no problem using my external IP address, but I cannot connect to my server manually in UT3 nor find it in any lists. Below is my command line. I've tried it with, but I always get an error with port 7777 not binding.

    PHP Code:
    UT3.exe Server DM-Sentinel?Game=UTGame.UTDuelGame?MaxPlayers=2?MinNetPlayers=0?BotSkill=4?NumPlay=16?TimeLimit=12?GoalScore=35?PureServer=0?bIsLanMatch=True?ForceRespawn=1?bShouldAdvertise=True?bAllowJoinInProgress=true?ServerDescription=046000058000058000106000069000100000105000032000116000069000109000080000076000101000058000058000046000?GamePassword=xxx?AdminPassword=xxx -login=xxx -password=xxx -log=server.log -port=7777 -queryport=7778 -nohomedir -unattended 
    Any help would be appreciated!

    Issues that might cause this

    1. you might be on a homegroup network
    2. or shared ip,
    3. firewalls/ antivirus progs

    - Try to connect using your local address. e.g instead of the other ip
    - probably need the command line;
    ServerIP= in you command line argument.

    - i do not know why servers do not appear in the list; even if badvertise = true; i get no result, so if you get yours in a list; please post a solution.


      Thanks for the reply! I'll look into those issues and see what it could be.


        turn lanmatch=true to - false.

        ^^ i understand why you have it true; i did the same; but mine works and i do not have lan match as true [it appears to not do anything lol]


          I tried that, too... nothing seems to work... I even switched routers. It's weird I can access the WebAdmin from outside my home network, but I can't connect to the server....


            How do you connect to your server? What option are you using? Server browser or console command?
            Check the ports on this page and be sure you forwarded them correctly to your host which is running the UT3 instance as the server.

            The most easiest solution, set up your server PC as DMZ.

            Are you able to connect to the server from inside your home network?


              I am trying to find it in the server browser and then add the ip manually... neither work. I did enable DMZ on my router, but would I need to do further steps on my Windows 2008 R2 server for DMZ? I am able to connect through RDP to my server in my home network by going to the Static IP I assigned to it. And, like I mentioned before, I am able to access the WebAdmin page outside of my home network using my smartphone connected to mobile data. I will try those additional port forwarding settings, as well.

              Thanks for the help, guys!


                remove -login=xxx -password=xxx this is different than adminlogin,gamelogin.


                  Thanks for all the help, guys. I did end up buying a dedicated server with it's own IP address, so I may need help setting that up... a question, I did have is how to properly display the server name when it is displayed in the master server list... any suggestions? Thanks!


                    If you bought a dedicated server; please do not come here with your requests.- it will be both a waste of your time and other people's

                    - The company you made your purchase with should be more than adept at answering your queries and setting a server up for you; that is why you pay them- for a service
                    - the service will inherently provide all you need to play to the game to your expected standards [basic customer service dictates you will get this]

                    - they will patch your game;
                    - install webadmin for you,
                    - get your server listed in the list etc etc.

                    - ALTHOUGH, you may have to ask for exactly what you want.
                    - i was hoping to be able to get "how to make your server show in the list" from this thread, but alas, another one bites the dust
                    Glad you got a server working, paying for it is a bit of a farse though imo

                    Happy fragging


                      I did not buy a server from a company. It's my own dedicated server in a collocated place with other servers. I pay a monthly fee for power and bandwidth but that is all. Everything is setup already and it is showing up in the server list. I do have questions about tickrate and some other things that I will certainly entertain suggestions and thoughts on. Thanks for replying though.

                      If you need help getting your server to show, I'll post my command line I used. I also added my server name to the UTEngine.ini file, I think that's the one... Let me know and I'll post the new command line I have.


                        Here's the command line I used for my new server:

                        UT3.exe Server DM-Sentinel?Game=UTGame.UTDuelGame?MaxPlayers=8?MinNetPlayers=0?BotSkill=5?NumPlay=16?TimeLimit=12?GoalScore=40?bIsLanMatch=false?ForceRespawn=1?bShouldAdvertise=True?bAllowJoinInProgress=true?bUsesStats=true?mutator=utcomp3v4b2.UTMutator_utcomp3v4b2?AdminPassword=xxx -login=xxx -password=xxx -port=7777 -log=\Server\Server.log -ConfigSubDir=Server -nohomedir -unattended

                        As for the server name, the file location is in your dedicated UTGame/Config/Server folder in UTGame.ini and should contain the following.... my server name is listed as an example:

                        ServerName=.::Jedi Temple::.

                        You do not need to add a parameter to your command line for server description. bShouldAdvertise=True will make sure it's listed.


                          I do need some help with tick rate... What's best for dueling and what's best for deathmatch or multiplayers above 2?


                            Hello, its long time ago i did an UT3 server but u need to see the differents between a home server or external server and an listen server or dedicated server, still for a homeserver the most easy way is to just copy the commandline from the server log file, the more u add the more difficult it gets.I would not use a listen server sinds u loose alot of control, i allmost forgot theirs a differents between a commandline server and a windowed server to, windowed is considered safer but commandline uses less cpu resources and gives a lower ping etc.

                            -unattended = You must specify -unattended as without it you will get prompted to confirm the upgrade of the server's configuration files

                            See also if posible i recommend virtual server before portforwarding, when use openwrt or dd-wrt etc u need to check the stealth settings [redirection of forwarded ports] because u dont want intruders...u probertly need winscp to add the linux files not posible in default routers, i also recomment comodo internet security for athome shotly said u need to "forward" ports, i most forward all ports from 1056 to 65535 sinds most routers dont have enough table space these settings only need 2 lines
                            192.168.x.x forward portrange both tcp/udp 1056~9832 save.
                            192.168.x.x forward portrange both tcp/udp 9834~65535 save.

                            More info here as i gotta go now goodluck!!