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UT3 Windows Dedicated Server LAG under Win7 32bit

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  • UT3 Windows Dedicated Server LAG under Win7 32bit

    I have make a UT3 Windows Dedicated Server under Windows XP, everything was OK, no lag, but now im changed my OS to Windows 7 32bit and i get non-stop lag:

    ScriptLog: server tick lag 0.2254
    ScriptLog: server tick lag 0.2506

    I dont change the INI files, same configuration.

    Somebody have experience with Windows 7 32bit ? there is a windows service running in background and make lag? or compatibility issue?

    Server: AMD X2 5000+ 2GB Ram, ATI HD4850 1GB

    thank you for the help

  • #2
    dunno, but my server started showing those messages after i installed UTCOMP.

    Are you running any mutators or mods ?!


    • #3
      color fix, orb fix, utcomp

      do you think this make my tick lag?

      i try again without this mutator.


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        loezix - this was the problem, somehow the utcomp make lag under windows 7 32bit


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          Originally posted by S3nt1n3l View Post
          loezix - this was the problem, somehow the utcomp make lag under windows 7 32bit
          I'm almost certain that this message is echoed by utcomp, thereis no "server tick lag" log message in the sdk.
          Maybe that is echoed because utcomp is a beta, - but there are no documents about it ...
          btw: after an hardware upgrade, my server only shows the message when it's idle, tickrate 10:
          ScriptLog: server tickrate: 9 +/- 0%

          I run the server with tickrate at 60, but it's a dedicated quad (linux).

          Try lowering your tick... but not so much



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            This effect was not only a log message, im noticed with the utcomp mutator viewable lag on the server.

            I dont know what was the difference between win xp and win 7, but i think win 7 need more horse power from my server to running the dedicated ut3 server.

            Thx again


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              I have enough time to check the workaround about the problem, but bad news, removing the utcomp mutator just removed the system status messages in the command promt window, the lag exist under Win7 32bit.