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    UTCompIIIv4_beta2 INSTALL HELP

    Hello Fellow UT3 server owners. I have recently decided to run the "UTCompIIIv4_beta2" on one of my servers. I am pretty sure I have the files in the right location for the most part. It shows that it is installed according to my WEBADMIN page but for some reason it is not checking it off to be active in the webadmin like it is supposed too. I think it is a command line issue but I can't see anything wrong with the command line I am using. Basically I can enable it manually in webadmn but it should be reading it from my command line. If this will help, here is a copy of my command line minus personal server info :

    server DM-arsenal?mutator=utcomp3v031.UTMutator_utcomp3v031, XrayPlayerReporter302.XrayPlayerReporter,UT3StatsH TTP.UT3StatsHTTP?Game=UTGame.UTDeathMatch?GameMode =0?numplay=3?bPlayersBalanceTeams=True?bUsesStats= True?bAllowJoinInProgress=True?bAllowInvites=True? bUsesPresence=True?bAllowJoinViaPresence=True?bUse sArbitration=False?Pureserver=1?bIsDedicated=True? bShouldAdvertise=True?AdminPassword=whatever?MaxPl ayers=12? -queryport=6500 -login=youwant -password=it -nohomedir -unattended -multihome=whatever IP

    Is there something missing that should be here that is causing the game to not load the UTCOMP from the command line? It is just boggling me as to why I can manually activate the mutator but it won't load from command line. I had this working on another server once but it has been a while since I have used it.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks. Dev1lman

    I don't know why it is saying there is a space in ?Maxplayers=12 but this space is not in the command line for some reason this site is putting a space there. So just ignore that.


      The full class path of "UTCompIIIv4_beta2":


        Thanks RattleSN4K3, Yea I got it. And yes what you posted is correct that was what was wrong with the command line entry. The stupid Readme they have in the .rar file needs to be updated as this ?mutator=utcomp3v031.UTMutator_utcomp3v031 is wrong when what you put into the command line should be ?mutator=utcomp3v4b2.UTMutator_utcomp3v4b2 . But either way I should have caught on to that before I came on here but sometimes it takes another set of eyes to see a mistake. Come Visit us @ sometime. Just tell CrossHairII I sent ya. Would be nice to have another UT3 fan in our community. Anyways I hope this helps someone else that runs into this issue.

        One other thing. When placing the files in the server file cluster it says to create a file under published titled textures but that is incorrect too. There is already a textures file under the cookedpc file tree and that is where the UPK files go, On my system if you create a texture file under published/cookedpc it will not recognize it and the UTcomp will not work.. The read me is not very up front with it's directions. I already knew where the files went this time because I have used this before but for someone just installing they would run into a road block with the incorrect path of the texure file the read me says to create. Thanks again Bro.



          What do you mean by "incorrect path"?

          The filesystem of UT3 (would be the same with UDK) is mapped internally. UT3 is not using the structure of the Harddisk Filesystem.
          By this, you can't create a package with the same name and put in into a different folder under "CookedPC\**".

          You don't need to verify if you put the file into the correct folder or any client has the same path.


            What I mean about incorrect "path" is , the files that it gives you in the .rar are "Published and config". Under published it says to create under utgame "published/cookedpc/ textures" , and under the same file path also add the folder "Script". Now the Script folder path that is added is fine because it is not in the system to begin with but "Textures" file is under "utgame/cookedpc". That is what I meant about incorrect path. The files that the .rar gives you should have under the published folder pubished/cookedpc/script and then it should also have a direction for the texture file which is utgame/cookedpc/textures which the .rar puts all of this under utgame/published/cookedpc. I am sure for the few that know, including myself" about creating a duplicate folder, "in this case the texture file" would cause an issue because it would be creating the folder twice in the same file structure "utgame". That is what I meant about "incorrect path"


              i m running our lil server like that since years and yup i asked me the same question as u have 2 texture files :


              all the utcomp stuff is installed in UT3/UTGame/Published/CookedPC/...& UT3/UTGame/Config and it works perfectly

              i hope this can help or rassure


                Thanks guys, Next question.. what would be the best settings for the utcomp.ini? I mean like what are most UT3 players use to having enabled/disabled in utcomp.ini so I can have the best settings that most pros are used too having when they log into a server that is using utcomp? A full picture of the utcomp.ini would help a lot because I know default is probably not how most server admins run this.


                  it depend a lot from personnal tastes, some use it for the customized crosshairs only, some for the colored players rebanlancing darkskins advantages, others like me for the easy votes (easy and fast to vote other map n gametype by f5)
                  on the other hand disabling the vote is better if u want to keep a map rotation and a certain gametype

                  no idea what settings "pros players" are using, i m a pure UT Tourist

                  anyway,some players will join for some reasons and others will not or will leave for the same and check the server stats to see what attract the more players or make the server to ur tastes and quite sure that someothers will like it...more classic it is more peeps u ll have imo


                    @Bl!tz~ and @RattleSN4K3, Thanks for your input and fixes. I am sure this thread will help anyone else that might run into any issues they may have about UTComp. Game on dudes.