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[Linux] LAN Redirect failure

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    [Linux] LAN Redirect failure

    Hi, I've been trying to setup a LAN redirect on my home linux dedicated server for a few days without any luck so far (in game downloading works fine).
    If i set "AllowDownloads=false" then i get the following error message:

    Connection Failed:
    Downloading package 'my_map' failed: error opening file.

    As described in tutorials I added to "UTEngine.ini" the following lines:

    I setup myself a local webserver using Apache 2, which I believe to be correctly configured since i can access and download all custom files via browser.

    "Hosts" file on both client and server contain the necessary lines to resolve "ut3ds" alias: " ut3ds" on server and "MY_SERVER_IP ut3ds" on client. I also tried "MY_SERVER_IP ut3ds" on server, but made no difference.

    I set "~/ut3ds/UTGame/Published/CookedPC/CustomMaps" as DocumentRoot and to avoid permission issues i set 777 on "ut3ds" folder and all subfolders/files. I also tried using a different folder to store my custom maps (basically i simply copied a few maps from dedicated server "CustomMaps"), but still got same error message.

    What puzzles me the most is that the same webserver config works fine with COD4 redirect (of course in that case i use a different ServerName/Alias and Document Root).

    try using your real ip

    or try a real redirect


      Thanks for your reply unrealloco, but I need a LAN redirect since my dedicated server is used on LAN parties (nothing pro, just small games among old friends).
      Having lots of maps i find more efficient letting the clients ask the server for the custom map currently in use instead of make my friends copy 6 GB of custom maps beforehand... (which usually get deleted between a lan party and the next one).