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speed upload maps + Gears of war pack chars

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    speed upload maps + Gears of war pack chars

    Do you know about existing pack Gears of War characters for Unreal Tournament III ? all chars in iron guardian added by addod
    and i for server prepare 10 maps

    this characters can be visible other players? and this characters can be installed on server ?

    how settings can be used to maximize speed upload maps to players? server on ubuntu linux
    and on ubuntu linux i have wine client UT3. download speed = 56kbit-128kbit but server hardware allow full 100mbit for all other except unreal (even torrent downloading and uploading faster!!! )


    please help, and please help restore server from SIGSERV (SEGFAULT) in other theme

    the game is setup like that, you will never be able to raise the speed.

    you need webhosting for redirect.

    You runnung ut3 server on ubuntu and also playing on ubuntu?