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    Problem Masterlist Gamespy

    I guys greetings from argentina!!!

    I'm new in this, and I have some questions

    We have a problem, in our ut3 server. It does not appear in the masterlist server (a few weeks ago was ok)

    I know that ut3 needs some ports to be open


    When we start the server when can see something listening on port 13000, 7777 is the game port and works ok (if I put open IP:7777 I can join), but we do not see anything on port 6500 (gamespy port)

    In the .bat we have configureted -QueryPort=6500.

    IF we start out server and nothing happends on port 6500, are we in troubles??
    Can this problem be the reason why our server is not shown in the masterlist???

    What else we can test to find out the reason for not showing our server in the masterlist.

    thanks in advance for your help.. and if you need extra info please ask.

    ut3 rulez!

    any help please?


      Hi Abitguru,

      Before we anybody can answer your question, they need to know more, like :

      How does your startup cmd look ?
      Is this a dedicated server ?
      Is the server hosted in a collocation or at home behind a router ?

      Kind regards

      {DCS} Matrix


        Thanks Matrix.

        C:\PathtoTheUT3\UT3.exe server DM-Deck-FPS?Game=UTGame.UTDuelGame?GameMode=0?numplay=2?mi nnetplayers=1?maxplayers=20?PureServer=0?AdminPass word=XXXX?bPlayersMustBeReady=False?bAllowJoinInPr ogress=True?bAllowInvites=True?bUsesPresence=True? bIsLanMatch=False?bIsDedicated=True?WeaponStay=Fal se?bShouldAdvertise=True?mutator=utcomp3v4b2.UTMut ator_utcomp3v4b2,UT3Stats.UT3Stats -login=GAMESPYLOGIN -password=GAMESPYPASS -multihome=IP -Port=PORT -QueryPort=6500 -log=LogServer.txt -nohomedir -unattended

        2-Yes it is.

        3- We dont certally know, we are talking with our host provider but they are slow and we dont have to much answers.

        The problem cound be caused for a proxy or a router??? something filtering connections??

        thanks a lot!


          You are using -Multihome=Ip, this means normaly that you are running more than 1 UT server instance on this server, is this correct ?


            yes that is correct! we are running 5 servers.


              Are the other 4 also UT servers or other servers, and if they are ut servers, are they running normal ?


                yes the other servers are ut too. They are running normal with scripts like the one I posted,

                the only issue is that they not appear in the masterlist.

                I query using qstat protocol and get "no response"

                thanks for your help!!!