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Pushing Sever packages manually

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    Bump... Having a new problem now that would be fine if I could just push the package....

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    Pushing Sever packages manually

    Hey all,

    Figured it was worth one last shot asking here. Hope someone can help and I'm just missing something really obvious.

    Is there anyway, be it in a .ini or via a mod, or some other trick that I can push server packages manually?

    I know that people were generally really happy with UT3 when they found it was all now automatic but I'm not so thrilled having just come from an older UT2 game to start a UT3 server and I really wish I could still Serverpackage= my content.

    So the theory goes, the server will scan the .ini's and send the correct packages when they are needed for the mutators and maps as the server changes to them. Even if this worked correctly I'd still want all the stuff pushed on someones first join (or at least have the option to).

    But sadly it does not even really seem to work correctly. If a player joins a server but still has other packages to get from it on a map change, due to voteable mutators or weapon replacers, when the server changes to that map it will first allow the players to join the map, THEN send them what they need whist in the game. So the result is they will not see the assets that are required by the mod unless they leave and rejoin the game.

    This thread: shows someones woes with trying to use votable mutators.

    My problem is with Weapon replacers. I use them for custom weapons and they don't all share the same .upk package. As not all the maps run have all the weapons that I replace, players that first join the server might not be sent all the weapons right away. So if they stay connected to the server during a map change, they then get send the weapon after they joined the match, and for the duration of that match they don't get to see the weapon assets.

    Anyone know of a way around this? I'd be very grateful.