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Server Installation & Mods (How-to)

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    Server Installation & Mods (How-to)

    I redesigned the website on which I keep information of Unreal. You will find on the site information on how to set-up a Dedicated UT3 Server and how to install Modifications on a Dedicated UT3 Server. The installation of a Dedicated UT3 Server consists of :

    Installation of Dedicated Server consists of :
    Creating CMD & Testing CMD file.
    Installing UT3 Bonuspack.
    Installing Titan Pack.
    Installing Latest Patch.
    Installing UT3 Crashfix Executable.
    Installing & Testing Orb Fix.
    Setting Up & Testing Vote.
    Installing WebAdmin &Testing WebAdmin.
    Installing UT3 Dedicated Server As A Service.

    The Mods that are spoken of are :
    AFF Planetstorm
    Bombing Run
    Battle RPG
    Battle Team/Freezetag Arena (BTFA)
    - Invasion
    - Galtanors Invasion
    - RBTT Invasion
    - Zombie Invasion
    Jail Break
    Kelters Bombing Run

    Hope it is helpful.

    Kind Regards,
    {DCS} Matrix

    2012-05-02 After some time not having enough time for editing the website, I found some time again and added the installation of some mutators.
    The Mutators that are added
    All Weapons , Auto Health, No Deployables, No Power-Ups, Rader Impact Extension and Rocket Match

    2012-06-09 Added 15 Gb Maps to Download.
    BR, CTF, DM, DOM, GRD, KBR, TH, vCTF, WAR and Mappacks


      Is this still going? As I'm looking at how to set up my mutator to use on my dedicated server at the moment


        Seems pointless unless you enjoy playing with bots. Honestly, there are more people playing ut99 than ut3 but both games are for all intensive purposes DEAD.


          Dear Youg3.

          Yes, the site is still up and running

          Link for Mutators :

          Link for Dedicated Server Installation :

          Kind Regards

          {DCS} Matrix