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    MP Hosting error

    I last time played the game on 1.0 patch, i normally hosted a server, and my friends connected on it.
    Now i patched the game on 2.1, and downloaded the titan pack, and when i or my friend try to host a server, it says : Error: Your network configuration may not be compatible with hosting matches. Please check your routerĀ“s manual for instructions on setting up "Port Forwarding" or a "DMZ server".

    WTF that means?!! I want only to host my game, with my mutators and play with my friends!!! I dont wanna configure my Port Forwarding or some DMZ server or what. The game wasnt cheap, and i am REALLY ******!

    Can some1 help PLEASE?!!!

    I know nothing about some Port Forwarding or DMZ server -.-" just wanna play