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How to set up a Greed server?

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    How to set up a Greed server?

    Sorry - I did a search but I'm lost.

    Where can I find doco. on how to set up a Greed server?

    What are the requirements?

    I'm just at a total loss here having never set up a server before :-)

    Oops - the information has now been found - so I am editing this to stop wasting people's time. The server had Greed related stuff deleted but this has now been fixed


      Line from my UTComp voting setup:
      VotingGametypes=(GametypeClass="UT3GoldGame.UTGree dGame_Content",GameTypeName="Greed",MapList=("CTF" ,"VCTF"),ExtraOptions="?TimeLimit=20?MaxPlayers=10 ?NumPublicConnections=10?MaxSpectators=2?GoalScore =0?EnableDuelTDmMod=False?EnableNoSpawnProtection= False?EnableFullTeamDamage=False?AllowWeaponStay=T rue?AlwaysAllowWeaponPickup=False?ForceRespawn=Tru e?PlayersMustBeReady=False?AllowMapVoting=True?Mut ator=utcomp3v4b2.UTMutator_utcomp3v4b2,TalkingIcon .TalkingIconMut,XrayPlayerReporter302.XrayPlayerRe porter,UTGame.UTMutator_Hero,R3PORTERv101.R3PORTER ,NERForcerV2c.UTMut_NERF")

      GametypeClass="UT3GoldGame.UTGreedGame_Content" << most important
      Mutator=UTGame.UTMutator_Hero << add this mutator if you want titans

      What I posted above is just some information (most important of which is gametype class) you'll need to define sooner or later while setting up your server. If you're not sure how to set up the server, check this: