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  • replied
    Np fragdevil and I knew that would make you laugh .
    And yes, I'm still in a clan that I lead .

    And on the dark forum, vegaskill was talking about parameters(the %p and so on) but that only works with utcomp running, I've tried enough with my server to realize that .

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  • replied
    Yes, thanks Assassin[be], sorry i miss you on xfire yesterday
    I wil try this tonight, thanks a lot & lol for baguette DDD

    Assassin, do you still have a clan?

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  • replied
    You have to change the commandline if you would like auto serverside demorec without utcomp.

    (you can change demo to whatever name you like, example: ?demo=baguette)
    Add this with the rest and you should have automatic demorecording in the format off:

    demo_2010_07_16-18_26_40.demo(or baguette_2010_07_16-18_26_40.demo)

    It's name_date(yyyy_MM_dd)-time(hh_mm_ss) If Utcomp is running the mapname will be in the name off the demo as well.

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  • replied
    thanks but UTcomp was made for TDM not for VCTF
    I installed it in the past and the server do not like UTcomp , this is the reason why i don't want to install it... sure there are others means to active the demorec...
    maybe in the UTEngine.ini or UTGame.ini or on the web admin or ... what else lol ... i don't know

    Our ping are good, about 50/60, not the most excellent but it's good

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  • replied
    Install UTComp mutator on your server and change the ini so that it forces server-side demo recording.
    You can choose how the demos will be named. For example:
    ServerDemoMask=Demo-%AP-%GT-%m would give demo named something like this: Demo-Nubii-Rage_-Gab-KixzoR-TDM-Campgrounds-U3-Fix-2010_06_19-19_56_38

    BTW, why on earth do you have british server? .de/.nl are much better for overall ping of all players.

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  • started a topic Automatic demorec

    Automatic demorec

    Hi all,
    I'm a french UT3 player ^^
    Some of you know who i am ... or not lol
    My server =>

    i know how make a demo like this:
    Press F10
    adminlogin <password>
    admin demorec <Demo_Name>

    But how can i do it without login in admin...

    Thanks for you help

    My last UT3 video, enjoy