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    Automatic demorec

    Hi all,
    I'm a french UT3 player ^^
    Some of you know who i am ... or not lol
    My server =>

    i know how make a demo like this:
    Press F10
    adminlogin <password>
    admin demorec <Demo_Name>

    But how can i do it without login in admin...

    Thanks for you help

    My last UT3 video, enjoy

    Install UTComp mutator on your server and change the ini so that it forces server-side demo recording.
    You can choose how the demos will be named. For example:
    ServerDemoMask=Demo-%AP-%GT-%m would give demo named something like this: Demo-Nubii-Rage_-Gab-KixzoR-TDM-Campgrounds-U3-Fix-2010_06_19-19_56_38

    BTW, why on earth do you have british server? .de/.nl are much better for overall ping of all players.


      thanks but UTcomp was made for TDM not for VCTF
      I installed it in the past and the server do not like UTcomp , this is the reason why i don't want to install it... sure there are others means to active the demorec...
      maybe in the UTEngine.ini or UTGame.ini or on the web admin or ... what else lol ... i don't know

      Our ping are good, about 50/60, not the most excellent but it's good


        You have to change the commandline if you would like auto serverside demorec without utcomp.

        (you can change demo to whatever name you like, example: ?demo=baguette)
        Add this with the rest and you should have automatic demorecording in the format off:

        demo_2010_07_16-18_26_40.demo(or baguette_2010_07_16-18_26_40.demo)

        It's name_date(yyyy_MM_dd)-time(hh_mm_ss) If Utcomp is running the mapname will be in the name off the demo as well.


          Yes, thanks Assassin[be], sorry i miss you on xfire yesterday
          I wil try this tonight, thanks a lot & lol for baguette DDD

          Assassin, do you still have a clan?


            Np fragdevil and I knew that would make you laugh .
            And yes, I'm still in a clan that I lead .

            And on the dark forum, vegaskill was talking about parameters(the %p and so on) but that only works with utcomp running, I've tried enough with my server to realize that .