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Random Files Required to Play Serverside Demos

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    Random Files Required to Play Serverside Demos

    Hi, I run a UT3 Duel server located in Denver called FailDuelZ. I have UTComp installed with AdminToolkit. I have serverside demos enabled. Occasionally, I will send a demo to some friends and they claim to have missing packages. This is really weird because the missing packages have no reason to be required.

    For instance:


    And I don't know what else. I'm not interested in where I can find these files. I have them on my harddrive already. What I'm more interested in is why the heck they are required? I don't know what WarMachine.u is. The map played was definitely not Rankin, but yet for some reason, these packages somehow weaseled their way into my serverside demo requirements.

    Can somebody tell me how I can fix this so that they're no longer required?


    both files you mention are custom models, so i guess you have those models installed on the server..


      its normal
      when some is playing at that server with die costummodels
      you have too install deze models at you pc too make the demo work



        your wrong there, its normal that you need same files to play the demo, as those which are installed on the server....

        but true if it was a client side demo, then you gonna have to have the same files as the client who recorded it


          It's a bug.

          Sometime demos rarely require the map that was played before the demo you recorded. Why it happens, we'll never know. No clue on the custom model though.


            Ah, thank you SilentSounds. I was almost going to believe some of the other answers.

            If that's the case, then that sucks.

            I bet I do have a custom model installed on my server though. I'm gonna have to find it and remove it.