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Need help configuring a UT3 Server

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    Need help configuring a UT3 Server

    Well im a noob at this and I could really use some help from you guru's. from start to finish. I have read so many posts and going and so many web pages all I see is web pages on this stuff when I go to sleep lol.

    So after 5 days of this i still cant figure it out. So if somebody would like to configure my server for me that would be great. I have ran a Halo server for 2 years and it was not hard to figure out. It was a no brainer UT3 is not easy to configure thats for sure.

    Here is what I need:

    Command Line setup:

    1. configure it for a VCTF server mapname=vctf-suspense
    2. 32 users
    3. server name=servername
    4. admin login=admin login and admin pasword=admin password
    5. login name=login name
    6. password=password
    7. bShouldAdvertise=True
    8. bIsDedicated=True
    9. -nohomedir
    10. -multihome=
    11. -unattended


    setup game.ini ?????


    map voting on
    server name ???
    here is the list of maps for map cycle

    UT3_VCTF_Torlan - VCTF-Necropolis - VCTF-Containment - VCTF-Sandstorm -VCTF Kargo -and ctf map called CTF-Coret thats all


    Now I dont know what else thats need to be configured. Sorry Im just burned out trying to figure out how to configure this server

    Hope you guru's can help. ill be more than glad to give someone my email address if someone is is willing to configure my server for me. Just PM me

    Well thats it thanks in advice

    startup batchfile:
    cd Servers\MP\UT3\ServerVCTF\Binaries
    ut3-vctf.exe server VCTF-WinterBridge?Game=UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTFGame_Content?Mutator=R3PORTERv101.R3PORTER,RBTTNews.MutNews,TalkingIcon.TalkingIconMut,UT3Stats.UT3Stats,SkeetTeamRemix.SkeetTeamRemix?maxplayers=18?Numplay=6?MaxSpectators=2?TimeLimit=20?AdminPassword=xxx -login=xxx -password=xxx -nohomedir -configsubdir=vctfconfig -port=7777 -queryport=7779 -unattended
    Note: Replace adminpass and the login stuff with your own, do not start the server yet.
    (edit: i renamed the executable to ut3-vctf.exe btw so you can easily identify the process in taskmanager)

    UTGame.ini: Find and edit/replace the following sections:
    ServerName= New VCTF (FastDL)
    MessageOfTheDay=Welcome to UT3!
    WebAdmin latest version
    Installing webadmin, download it over here:
    Download v1.17 and extract it to your dedi server folders.

    Now we Run the server ONCE so it auto-creates the configuration folder with the config files. Wait for the server to fully load and then exit it again. Then proceed with the next steps below:

    Open UTWeb.ini and configure it, it is pretty straight-forward...
    Now, the login by default is "Admin" with the Adminpassword you specify in the batchfile launcher and in Engine.AccessControl found in UTGame.ini.
    For example we use the ip with a port 7778 for webadmin, to login to it we visit the webpage with our browser there we can login.

    New Maps and WebAdmin
    To be able to select new installed maps and add them to a maprotation/voting list we place the maps in the following
    folder: \ServerVCTF\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps
    We also place the .ini that come with maps in our config folder found at:

    Now when we RESTART the server and login to webadmin the maps can be selected on the maplists pages.
    Simple drag drop the maps you want in rotation/vote-able and save the settings.
    Setting Map Replay Limit to -1 will make it so the same map can be voted for everytime a map ends.
    So: Map1 was just played, game ends, Map1 CAN be voted for AGAIN and AGAIN.. Obviously setting
    replay limit to 2 will see to it that two OTHER maps are played before you can vote for Map1 again.

    I hope this helps you, if you need my help you can add me to MSN, send me a PM then and i'll give you.

    Greetz zunnie

    edit: Forgot redirection for map downloads on connect...
    Open UTEngine.ini and add/replace:

    You can use our redirect service or your own if you have one already...


      WOW!! What can I say? Thanks does not seem to enough for all the trouble you with thru. Thanks again.

      1 More Question. I have 2 maps that have mutators built in how would I set those mutators up? If you want to find out go download coagulation off my website at

      that way you can see what im talking about. it has 2 mutators

      1. HPCDM_UTTPowerboard_Mutator
      2. HPCDM_UTTTrickboard_Mutator

      Thanks again bud!!