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Setting Automatic CPU Affinity Crashes Server

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    Setting Automatic CPU Affinity Crashes Server

    Using for example the following cmd to startup a UT3 server causes it to crash:
    start /affinity 8 ut3-war.exe server WAR-ColdHarbor?Game=UTGameContent.UTOnslaughtGame_Content?maxplayers=32?Numplay=6?mutator=R3PORTERv101.R3PORTER,RBTTNews.MutNews,UTOrbFix.UTMutator_OrbFix,TalkingIcon.TalkingIconMut,UT3Stats.UT3Stats,SkeetTeamRemix.SkeetTeamRemix,UndrivenVehicleDamage.UndrivenVehicleDamage?AdminPassword=xxx -multihome= -port=7777 -queryport=7779 -nohomedir -configsubdir=warconfig -login=xxx -password=xxx -unattended
    Does anyone know an alternative to automatically set a CPU affinity for UT3 servers?


    Are you sure you're using the /affinity switch correctly? According to "start /?" under Win7 "/affinity x" uses "x" as a hexadecimal mask to set CPU affinity. I understand that as "each core is a bit", so e.g. "5" would be bits 0 and 2 (binary: 101), causing cores 0 and 2 to be used.

    That said, I'll have to add that UT3 (or UE3 games in general) is optimized for multi-threading and actually runs best if you let it use as many cores as it wants.


      Yes, i'm using the switch correct and i'm trying to set the cpu affinity to CPU3.
      I renamed the UT3.exe to UT3-War.exe to identify the process more easily.
      But everytime it starts up it will crash the server

      On a side note: on this same pc it works fine for the Counterstrike Source servers, only the UT3 servers seem to crash.
      Not only on this specific PC but others as well, and they all have 4 CPU's and i want to assign one for each server independently.