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Problems with our server

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    Problems with our server

    Hello guys,
    First off: The server's settings and location:
    Name: Unofficial Epic Warfare #3 (24 Player)
    Location: Europe (Germany)
    Player count: 24
    Bot count: 4 (can always be changed if players have any wishes)
    Score limit: 3
    Time limit: 20
    Version: 2.1 (with orb fix)
    Mutators: GOW Justice
    Redirection: yes
    Maps: All standard maps + Titan Pack maps + 13 custom maps:

    The server runs very well and even with 24 players the ping is still low.
    (Also other players who don't live in Germany have a good ping.)

    However, we have some problems.
    After some maps are played we get huge lags.
    This is what net stat says:

    At that moment, every player had this problem.
    (The Out Loss was not constant, sometimes it got lower but also higher.)

    Some other problems during these lags:
    - chat does not come; you type, send, but nothing comes
    - weapons fire by themselves (weapons bar disappears until you switch your weapon)
    - a lot of animation bugs (2 weapons at once.)

    He (the server owner) also told me that the server's cpu, ram, etc were fine.
    He could not find any information or fault reports either.

    Usually (I know this from other servers) when a server reaches its limits, ping goes higher and higher.
    However, it's not the case on this one.
    Of course the more players join the more ping gets higher, but it's still low.

    The server owner meant it could be a high input/output usage (loading).

    And as said, it usually happens after some matches, and it can happen on any map.
    One time it was Avalanche, today it was Floodgate.

    Thanks for any help!

    P.S: It's a Linux server.