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    Windows 2003 Server (Firewall disabled) PIII 800 / 1 GB
    UT3 Patch 5
    current IP

    I have been reading the posts here and attempting to get my server listed in the master game list.

    I have created a seperate gamespy account specifically for the server.

    I login as administrator (I have also specifically used "runas" to be certain that it was running as administrator).

    I have tried two different internet connections (cable-modem, and DSL) / routers, I have used both DMZ and port-forwarding individually and together, I have also connected directly without a router.

    These items seem to be the most common problems getting your server to appear in the list - yet I'm still not there.

    No matter what I try, my server doesn't appear in the master list. I can connect directly and play with no problems. If I browse for LAN games - it shows up.

    I've reviewed the logs and don't see anything that indicates a problem.

    One question I haven't seen asksed or answered yet is -

    Once my server is "up" and running properly, how long does it take for it to appear in the master list? Maybe I'm too impatient and not waiting long enough to see it appear in the list.

    Anyone have any suggestions how to get my server in the list, or where to look to see what's broken?

    Could you post your commandline

    Look here for examples :


      Thanks for the response Matrix, but I've already solved it. Trial and Error works great, but sometimes there can be a lot of possibilities to try.

      bIsLanMatch=False is the answer.

      Although I do consider it a little misleading, I think they could have come up with a better name like AdvertiseServer.

      The answer to the other part of the question is once your server is configured properly it should only take a couple of minutes to appear in the list - it's fairly quick.

      Thanks again for the response - I'll be around for a while finding all the cool tweaks for my server.