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Help! how to set BTA friendly fire

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    Help! how to set BTA friendly fire

    Hi all! I hope someone can help me for this english is not so good...i'll try to explain my problem clearly!

    Problem is about settings of BTA friendlyfire..on my server is installed BTA v10...and friendly fire is set to 50% (default)

    Like that the FF made this: if i shot a teammate I wound myself (and it's ok!) but I wound my mate also!!!
    ok, is a setting that make people less "spammer"..but when in the server enter some "less" skilled player we have a lot of teamkill..and that's so BAD

    someone knows how can I put the FriendlyF in "FA2K" server style? In FA2K server, if I shot a teammate i wound myself..but nothing else! my teammate doesnt suffer of my "wrong" shot!

    so only player that make the wrong shot/spam will be wound..not the poor m8! LOL

    thanks a lot!

    Ethanol, that really isn't what "friendly fire" aka "team killing" is all about, is it?

    Go out into the field with a friend and your guns. Have your friend shoot you. Report back to us regarding how much damage your friend sustained as the result of his shot vs the damage you received.

    In the game, in addition to the penalty for shooting your teammate, you also receive peer pressure from all of your teammates to "don't do that again," which is an equally important point. If you are the one receiving the damage from your "wrong shot," but not your teammate(s), this incentive to improve is removed.


      yeah...I'm agree with your speech!!btw now I dont mind if the incentive to improve is removed because we play on our server only for fun, more than this, our server is public!! ( it is private, but 95% of time it's set public)

      To improve we play "pro" is a big word for us..I mean that we play organized matches, with a private channel in team speak for each team, we close the server with psw etc....IN THAT SITUATION OK..friendly fire setted in the way "I hit my mate, and I damage myself and him too (mate will be damaged more than me..) so its possible to do a teamkill" is appreciate by us!

      But we would make that :If I hit a mate, I have to damage ONLY myself!! so...its impossible to do a teamkill..its possible to do a suicide...that's good hehehehehe

      anyone knows how can I make that setting?


        I FIX THAT!!

        that was very simple...i hadn't looking in utcomp settings (a friend told me) utcomp (in the voting menu clicking on advanced mode) there is a setting "Team Damage 100%"...I disable it and now all works fine!

        thanks a lot