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UTComp3v4b2 ScriptWarning

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    UTComp3v4b2 ScriptWarning

    Hi there,

    I am trying to run a Betrayal server, and I installed UTComp3v4b2 for three features:

    - Ping compensation compatible with Betrayal (keeps alt fire blue)
    - Hitsounds
    - "MultiKill!" announcements

    However, my log is FILLED with these scriptwarnings:

    ScriptWarning: ZP_utcomp3v4b2_InstagibRifle DM-Morbias.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.ZP_utcomp3v4b2_In stagibRifle_126 (Function utcomp3v4b2.ZP_utcomp3v4b2_InstagibRifle:InstantFi re:000D) Accessed None 'ZP_utcomp3v4b2_Mut'

    This leads me to suspect that the code may not be functioning correctly. Is that the case?

    If so, are there any alternative mutators I can use to gain the same functionality? I tried ABT1.3 and Unlagged Instagib, both work with Betrayal but the alt fire is red.

    If UTComp's ping compensation works, then how can I rid my logfile of these warnings? Is there any way to disable them?


    Since Accessed None = UnrealScript equivalent of a Null Pointer Exception, my guess is that the resource it's trying to access doesn't exist, or it's value is null when it shouldn't be. Check the files and source.


      I understand that, but I am not about to go in and modify UTComp code.. I don't have the time for that and it would break compatibility with the cached copy on the client side anyway.

      I mainly just want to know if it actually works (I assume someone must have already tested it), and how I can turn off the warnings (or selectively log everything except for the warnings) if it does..

      and if it doesn't work, I want to know if there's any other ping compensation mod that will work with Betrayal properly.



        There's probably a command-line setting for it somewhere, check the docs for any specific references to command-line logging settings.


          Accessed None 'ZP_utcomp3v4b2_Mut'
          Is mutator named ZP_utcomp3v4b2_Mut running on your server?