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    LAN Problem

    I got the following problem :

    I want to start a UT3 lan server with the following cmd line :

    UT3.exe Server DM-Deck?Game=UTGame.UTTeamGame?MaxPlayers=16?MinNetPl ayers=0?NumPlay=16?GoalScore=25?TimeLimit=20?bIsLa nMatch=True?ForceRespawn=1?bShouldAdvertise=True?b AllowJoinInProgress=true -multihome= -port=7777 -queryport=6500 -log=server.log -lanplay -nohomedir -unattended

    When I start UT3 and go to LAN Play I don't see the server in the browserlist, when I go to onlien en connect to IP I get the following error Failed to find.... Do you wish to connect directly instead.

    I click on yes and I can join the game.

    What I'am I doing wrong here. Both server (Dedicated Windows 2003 Server) and workstation are in the same LAN, get both there IP through DHCP. Both machiens have the firewall disabled.

    Kind Regards

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    ****** UPDATE ******

    Found the solution -> VMware installs 2 extra NIC's and guess what UT3 searches those for internal Network only the VMware Nics are configured for 192.186.x.y Network and I run everything on a 10.1.10.y network. So UT3 doesn't see the server.

    When I stoped the VMware Nics (disabled them) I could see the server in UT3