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    Only DM ?

    Hi !

    I made some searches about that but didn't find answer..
    I hope it haven't been posted before but, here's my problem:

    I want to make a LAN between 2 computers.
    They have the same key, and they can't connect because of a Proxy.
    So they are in "play offline" mode.

    The one which hosts can choose any mod, DM, warfare...
    But the other, when joinning can only choose DM. I tryied but he can't see the game.

    What must I do to make my lan ?

    Thanks in advance =)

    Someone please ?


      not sure what u really ask but i have try several times to have a lan here with family on same way....i think u need to buy another copy and....another key

      ut 2004 was more friendly to LAN


        Are those 2 PC's on the same LAN segment : do they have the same IP-Range ??

        If you can anser 1 of the questions with yes, then forget it. Even with 2 different serials it wouldn't work.


          Thanks for answering !

          Sadly, I can say yes to the lan segment question .

          We have different rooms and each room have a switch.
          However, if I don't plug the switch to the principal, my computers will be on simple lan ?

          And it should work ?



            Check your cmd line: ?bIsLanMatch=True

            Try to connect to the other computer by the internal IP.

            Same key, hmm. Don't know about that. Support UT and buy more than one copy


              Hi ripper,
              Can you explain me what you said ? =/
              IsLanMatch is in a .ini file ? Which one ?
              What do you mean by connecting by internal ip ?

              Thanks. ^^'

              P.S: i tried to connect two PCs with only a simple switch but didn't worked.


                I wrote as if you had a standalone server for hosting the lan party. I now see that you are going to host a lan game from one of the computers you are going to play on. I guess you are hosting a game offline. I had no trouble when testing. Strange problem. Make sure you have the lates patche installed. Can the computers find each other outside UT? Test another switch/router.


                  Yes it's not a dedicated, but outside of ut, there's no problem