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Web admin won't let me admin anything?

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    Web admin won't let me admin anything?

    Hi all,

    After the rather hellish experience of getting my ut3 dedicated server up and going, I am trying to setup the web admin. I have it installed, and I can log into the interface, but I don't have options to actually administer anything.

    I do get an error message that says "No localization data. Please make sure the file Localization/INT/ is up to date" and I have a feeling that this is caused by the switches I am using to launch my server.

    Here's my command line:
    ut3.exe Server CTF-FacingWorlds?MinNetPlayers=1?bShouldAdvertise=True ?bAllowJoinInProgress=True?GameMode=8?Difficulty=3 ?GoalScore=150?TimeLimit=0?NumPlay=16?Port=7747?ga me=UT3GoldGame.UTGreedGame_Content?mutator=UTGame. UTMutator_WeaponReplacement?name=v3c7r0n?alias=v3c 7r0n -log=DedicatedServer.log -Login=xxxxxxxxx -Password=xxxxxxx -multihome= -configsubdir=greed_config -nohomedir -unattended

    I did find that I had to multihome with my lan ip so I can connect from inside my network and ppl from outside can connect as well. I am using unattended, nohomedir, and configsubdir as this is a server 03 box that has no real graphics card in it, and will be hosting multiple servers.

    I can't figure out what the deal is and the documentation on the web admin, while great for installation and config, doesn't really help when it doesn't work.

    Issue was resolved by re-installing webadmin? Ok well...whatever.

    Thanks for making the web admin elmuerte!


      Its an isnpiring foruma and I am gonna send the link to my other friends


        That happens when you install a game patch after installing webadmin. Patches contain outdated webadmin localization files.