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Issue with same bot instances after a few matches

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    Issue with same bot instances after a few matches

    I've finally got my server up and running with all the maps and mutators I want but there is one remaining problem..

    After a few matches the server contains the same bot instances, like 4 Blains or Loques for example.. Does anyone know how to avoid this problem please?


    I had this same problem. In my circumstance it was because i was using a Bot roster through webadmin? If you do the same just let the game select the bots at random and ditch using the roster. It solved my troubles.


      I ditched the bot roster also. Make sure all of the "Activebots=" lines in UTGame.ini are empty.

      The way to do it if you want variety is to login as admin and use the "addbots" command. You will get different bots every round. I have keys bound for logging in, and adding/deleting bots. Now if anyone can just figure out how to get some of the custom community made chars to load as bots please let me know!


        ahh great stuff cheers guys!

        I really don't like logging in as administrator when people are playing on the server, its kinda makes people feel like im interupting the game flow.. If I have to I will but its best avoided. Keybinds are a useful idea tho

        I think you'll need an active bot list to use custom skins and link them to the server cook or something like that.. dunno the commands tho.. cheers again lads


          I had this problem for awhile, and I came up with my own solution so I thought I'd share.

          I was trying to add some specific bots for my setup using ActiveBots=(BotName="somebot".... in UTGame.ini

          I had NumPlayers=5 and MinNet = 1, and four bots listed using ActiveBots.

          Worked great until a 2nd real person connected. Some bot would get kicked off. Then, when the 2nd person disconnects, instead of the bot that got kicked off coming back, it was replaced with a copy of the first bot in the ActiveBots list.

          The way I solved this is by taking out all of the ActiveBots lines in UTGame.ini, then I deleted all of the other bots in UTCustomChar.ini so that only the bots I wanted remained. That way, every bot that comes in will be random from the list of bots that don't exist yet, and the bots are reloaded every match.
          Hope this helps someone.