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    Windows Server?

    How can i make a Windows Server? I find only Linux Dedicated Server. I don't have Linux, I have Windows, I want to make a Windows Server but i can't find how...

    PS: I can only make from UT3 In-Game Host Server. but i want a Standalone Win Server.


    This link will get you the installer.

    Google to get instructions on how to best proceed.

    The best advice I can give is to keep in mind that you will want a batch file that launches UT3 with the server option.

    Here is an example batch file that I use.

    I suggest you create a gamespy login for the UT3 dedicated server. You can
    have multiple accounts tied to one email address.

    I have 1 for my dedicated server, one for my UT3 installation and one for Crysis.

    ne (if it comes out as a smiley, it should be : one with no space between the : and o ).
    cd "E:\UTD\Binaries"
    ut3.exe Server DM-Laambo's_Combat-Arena.ut3?gametype=utgame.utdeathmatch?Numplay=14? MinNetPlayers=1?Difficulty=4 -Login=yourgamespylogin -Password=yourgamespypassword -Log=deddmserver.log -unattended -nohomedir
    cd "E:\UTD\UTGame\Logs"
    copy deddmserver.log deddmserver.bak
    goto one

    My UT3 server is installed on the E:\ drive, and it works like a charm.

    -nohomedir allows the game engine to update all files in the same directory as the installed directory, prevents writing to your user profile directory. (ex. c:\documents and settings\yourusername\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3" path. Otherwise you will find .ini files that the server creates, as well as cache files being written there.

    -unattended, I forget the exact perfect explanation for this switch at the moment, but I thought this prevented the whole UT3 GUI from launching *essential if you are running it on a pure server with no GPU - like me, who runs it on my Windows Home Server *

    I also recommend installing and configuring elmuerte's webadmin, this is an EXCELLENT way to manage the server once you have it running, you can configure tons of things such as maplists, mutators, game profiles,
    etc using it.

    Hope this helps you out.




      Thanks, I will try.


        i followed your insructions. ive tryed installing webadmin. but if course its not explained very well. it tells me to look for a log entry saying ScriptLog: Web Server Created http://some.iport [...] Enabled True
        . but this does not appear.

        can you help again?


          Did you confirm the following in the Web.ini file?


          Listen port can vary, but you need to try and access WebAdmin with the same port in the URL as what you set it to above.


            Here is an example to access WebAdmin by setting up the port correctly.



            Use the following to access WebAdmin:



              Look here for a complete instruction of installing a dedicated server :