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    Demo Rec in web admin


    I am tired and too lazy to search right now. I have been recording demo recs on my server for a while now, only to realize that I do not have the command line worded correctly, so every time there is a game, it overwrites the same demo over and over with the new one.

    It does not seem to rename each file to a date or time, just the same file name that gets used DEMOREC something or other....

    Can some one tell me what line wording to use exactly to get a demo rec to record the date and time and match name so it does not overwrite itself anymore? I have lost so many match demos and did not know it


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      This worked fine for me.


        From my good Friend Nomadicus

        I hope this helps you and you can shorten it up

        The .demo File
        Each demorec file will contain a single round. The filename of each .zip file is as follows:
        o yyyy is the 4 digit year
        o mm is the 2 digit month
        o dd is the 2 digit day
        o hh is the 2 digit hour based on the server's timestamp
        o mm is the 2 digit minute based on the server's timestamp
        o clan1 is the first clan name abbreviated
        o clan2 is the second clan name abbreviated
        Example: FN-WAR-20080731-2204-T5KvBGE.demo



          Please consider me dumb.

          Can some one type the actual code I would need to insert into the cmd line to get the demo rec to AUTO START without Admin having to set a name or start it each time and then have file names with Name,Year,month,day-hour,min

          I want this file to auto start each match without screwing with the server each time. Like I said I have a ?Demo=nameofdemo and each round the same file is overwirtten all the time



            Im not sure whats happening on your end. Here is my exact command line i have set for a upcoming match. This has been tested and I get a demo file of each match labeled TOC-VS-BOOM followed by a date and time stamp.

            for example: TOC-VS-BOOM-2009_08_22-16_36_18.demo

            UT3.exe server CTF-Reflection?numplay=0?maxplayers=24?demo=TOC-VS-BOOM?mutator=SpeedMod.UTMutator_SpeedMod?GamePassword= ****?AdminPassword=**** -Login=**** -Password=**** -configsubdir=Match Server_config/ -multihome= -nohomedir -unattended



              I will give that a try.