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Need help with new server CMD line

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    Need help with new server CMD line


    I am trying to deal with a different service provider for another server that I have.

    They have this "click the check box to add in CMD line options"

    So using their system this is what the server CMD comes out as:

    server WAR-Foodgate?Game=UTGameContent.UTOnslaughtGame_Conten t?GameMode=2?bPlayersBalanceTeams=True?NumPlay=4?b otskill=5?TimeLimit=15?GoalScore=3?demo=DEMO_PREFI X -login=XXXXX -password=XXXXX -multihome= -port=7777 -log= -queryport=6500 -nohomedir -unattended

    Does this look right to anyone? Is there anything that needs to be changed?

    Do I need to add: ?bShouldAdvertise=True to advertise to master server?
    Do I need to add: ?bUsesStats=True for the leaderboard stats to update?

    This provider has these options in the admin panel.


    WAR-Foodgate it should be WAR-FloodGate.. just a simple typo lol also you have some "spaces" not sure if it's there or just happened while pasting the commandline


      no actually the game server provider just has "check mark boxes" for all the options that some one might want in the CMD line. It won't you type anything into the CMD line directly.

      After choosing the options I wanted, it spat that CMD line out and I can not edit it. I copied it directly and that is how it reads from the admin panel.


        Who's your provider?... Try asking them to change the line as you want it to be