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Bot difficulty and team assignment

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    Bot difficulty and team assignment

    Hello guys.

    Finally our Server at 4NetPlayers is running with 2.1.

    Now there are some questions:

    I know how to login as Admin and how to change the map or add bots.

    But how do I decide to which team a bot belongs? The aim is to put much more bots on the other side than the human players for training purposes.

    At the moment there can only be one bot more and only in the blue team.

    Team balancing is already turned off.

    I read about things like vsbots and botratio but I tried it without success.

    So can anybody please explain where an how things like bot difficulty and team assignment can be set?



    One working way is just, how you told, use ?vsbots=true on URL command line and botratio on UTGame.ini on [UTGame.UTGame] section, or by UT3WebAdmin/ General Settings/ Players: "Bot/Player ratio 1 - 64".

    Your Windows dedicated URL command line would look like this:

    START UT3.exe Server WAR-Avalanche?game=UTGameContent.UTOnslaughtGame_Conte nt?AdminPassword=********?vsbots=true?PureServer=1 ?bIsDedicated=true?NumPlay=32?MaxPlayers=64?BotSki ll=6?Port=7777?MinNetPlayers=1?bUsesStats=False -login=SERVERNICK -password=******** -nohomedir -unattended

    And your UTGame.ini like this:


    Here is my own problem, after you. ;-)

    I wish host bots vs. human game, but when using ?vsbots=true on URL command line, and botratio is 1.00000, then when one player join on server, he play only with one bot. Boring indeed. There is missing variable to keep server minimum bots, like 18 all the time. When human player join on red side, then one red bot will be dropped out.

    Why this wish? It depends it is more nice to host 8 + 8 (= 16 players) humans or 16 humans + 16 bots (= 32 players!) on same server. Becouse 16 human players use 10 kB/s netspeed and 16 * 10 is 160 kB/s output. It means about 1.5 MB/s output speed on your ADSL line.

    Now when I answered to you, I haven't tryed this trick to set botratio and maxplayers to 32 - yet. I could work.