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    Server Help

    Not Sure if this should be posted in here, so if not sorry :P

    Iv just setup a UT3 dedicated server + web admin

    im a total noob when it comes to the unreal server setup... so im in need of a little help...

    first off iv been in a few servers and the gun i start with is the rocket launcher. can somone tell me how to do that on my server.

    and also in some multiplay powered server they have the rotating adverts to show up every so offen in the chat field how do i do that aswell??

    again sorry if this thread is in the rong place or if it has been posted before.


    When you start with a rocket launcher that means you are close to the Weapons locker which gives you a few weapons and since the rocket launcher has the priority above all weapons apart from redeemers then you will automatically switch to the rocket launcher when you spawn as your best weapon... Either that or the server is running a Rocket arena (Does that still exist?)

    You need the ServerAdverts mutator to setup these rotating advertisements.

    And yes it's the wrong place to post this lol.


      hmm well i have tryed using this one

      but it puts the adverts all over the screen instead of just near the chat box?? if thats the same one your talking about does it need a setting changed or something?


        I tried the same one on the Multiplay servers... but the ads became really annoying like 3 lines in a row that i couldn't help it.

        I'm not quite sure about the exact name of the version that is used on the Multiplay servers... I'm using the one in your link just set the fPosy to 0.25 and you'll be fine.


          thanks where would it be on the screen at 0.25?
          is it not possible to get it to the top left someware?


            I'm not sure if you can change the horizontal location... but fPosy 0.25 is in the middle of the upper half of the screen


              ahh ok ty ill give it a try


                hahaha sorry i have just oooone more question...

                in the server list it says there are bots in my server when no one is online how do i stop that? :P

                sorry about all the questions


                  You can't stop that i think... that has been involved since patch 2.0 it shows bots on the server with the "Plus" sign.

                  maybe try putting this in the commandline and see "?numplay=0" without the quote marks... Not sure about that but with or without bots my server shows a number with a "Plus" sign next to it.


                    yeah thats what i did and it did the trick :P