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Querying server through PHP script

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    Querying server through PHP script

    Hey guys, I know I can query the server with Cruz's PHP script, which you can find here, but it doesn't show the players on the server, at least not all.

    I was busy trying to create something that parses the array it gives me in a way that I can get the player list, after a while I noticed it doesn't show all players.. It doesn't show the first person in the server, so it says there are no players on the server while there is indeed ONE player on.

    Does anybody know if there's any other PHP script that does get the entire playerlist from the server?

    use UT3Sview12 script it shows players and

    u will need webstats installed on the server

    heres a preview of the normal look

    heres a preview of mine


      dirtys site looks like it went down

      so heres the webstats download at my site


        Here is another link to WebStats v0.2.

        The "readme" file in it, which is a link to a dead webpage, has been replaced (by me) w/ the the following ReadMe.txt file:
        WebStats v0.2 was created/developed by [dirrty]St@rbucks of DirrtyClan. I believe it was based upon Cruz's PHP script.
        WebStats.u obtains real-time information from the UT3 server upon which it is installed. This information may then be displayed on a webpage. St@rbucks provided the included statst.xsl file as an example/prototype/template for displaying the real-time server information gathered by WebStats.u
        In the original distribution of this utility had its ReadMe file as a link to a webpage in DirrtyClan's website forum. That website is down and no longer registered. Thus, the credits, instructions, and other info about WebStats is no longer available.

        Clan Deviants has been using a (self-)modified version of statst.xsl ( with UT3 v 1.2, 1.3. 2.0, and 2.1. It has not required modification as the version of UT3 has been upgraded on the server.
        This is a server-side utility.
        Install WebStats.u into the server's UTGame\CookedPC folder.
        Install statst.xls into the server's Web\stats\resources folder.
        If these folders do not exist, create them.
        As I recall, UT3 WebAdmin must also be installed. Download it from here:


          i updated my download to have both the original file by dirty and the modified one by {DvT}JonahHex


            Hey thanks for your replies guys!

            But it should also be possible to get the playerlist without installing something on the server..

            The latest Linux patch (2.1) seems to break compatibility with GameTracker as it can't see who's on the server anymore. I wanted a script to test if there's something wrong with GameTracker's script, or if the newest patch really breaks things.

            But since we can't rely on GameTracker, we might use this with WebStats anyway.

            If you know any other way to query the server, please post it here, otherwise: Thanks guys