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Linux server Titan Pack instal

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    Linux server Titan Pack instal

    I was able to install the Titan pack pretty easily on my Linux dedicated server as follows;

    copy the UT3TitanPack.exe file to somewhere and then unrar it.

    unrar x UT3TitanPack.exe

    This unpacks it with the correct directory structure under the sub directory Patch/

    Then as root;

    cd Patch

    and copy everything to where you installed the game, in my case;

    cp -r UTGame/ /usr/local/games/ut3-dedicated/

    That was all I had to do, and it works.

    Hows UT3 running on the Linux server m8?


      Runs OK with 1 player and 9 bots, but I have not had a chance to test with actual players, just bots so far. Works fine with the custom maps I have tried so far except 1. Bittersands, ChainIsles, Torlan-Winter, and Crossfire and worked well.

      The server release from 041009 used too much cpu and net bandwidth when actual players started joining.. I had a real problem on Avalanche at the tank and DW nodes that nearly crashed the server. Have not had a chance to verify if that is fixed.


        Still got my problem. As soon as i set a gamespy login the server loads all the stuff without errors and shut himself down also without an error. Runs pritty nice without the gamespy login but crashes on mapchanges.

        Not really any helpfull information in any logfile so far. Strange stuff this UT3 linux server Any other game server is running fine.

        Any known problems with amd64 kernels (debian or other)? I just tested my ut3 server installation on another server with a preamtion realtime kernel but so far no luck with the gamespy login(s).